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We provide our services for a wide variety of clients such as meetings & conferences, fashion shows, festivals, concerts, weddings, musicals, launches, awards, corporate and public events.

Event Management

Indoor & outdoor staging
Stage management
Risk assessments

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PA Hire
Battery Operated Speakers
Conference systems
Wireless microphones
Headset microphones
Lapel/Tie-clip microphones
Podium microphones
In-ear monitors
Walkie talkies

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Stage lighting


Spot lights


Moving heads

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Social media production

Facebook Live Streaming

Multiple cameras

Live webcasting

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Social Media Management

Manage your social media accounts content and interactions across a variety of platforms. We’ve got it all covered at EAV.

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Large format TV’s
LED Screens
Rear projection
Video mapping
Twitter Wall

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what we do well

Buying equipment is always the easy bit, it's having the technical skills needed to deliver for our clients that makes EAV stand out from the rest. Our approach and attention to detail is paramount to delivering a well executed production that leaves a lasting impression.

add the wow factor

Non-pyrotechnic fountain display

Ejects cold and non-flammable sparks in 3 output heights 2.5m, 3.5m and 5 metres

Designed to eliminate the fire risks that come with normal pyrotechnics

No large safety or exclusion zones are required as the heated granules cool instantly when they come in contact with the air and are safe to touch

All of the materials are completely non-hazardous

Virtually no smell and very little smoke

During operation the Spark Stream unit does produce a small amount of dust from the granules that generate the sparks

This dust can easily be swept or blown away and does not cause any harm to hard surfaces or human skin

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (must be kept completely dry)

Output time: up to 8 minutes from 1 powder pouch

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"Give your stress wings and let it fly" - terri G.

Planning an event and pulling it off can be very stressful from organising the speakers, the venue, tickets, goodie bags and all those things you hadn’t thought of. That’s where EAV can help you.  Put your trust in us to eliminate the stress of worrying about the sound, lighting, visuals and stage management on the day of your event. 

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