Are You Worried About Your Event Running Over Time?

Are You Worried About Your Event Running Over Time?

10 Tips for Event Time Management

One of the key elements to get right at your event is time management. This can make or break your event. If all the elements are not in place when your event begins cracks will show and it will ultimately take away from the overall event.


So how do we prevent this from happening?


Follow our 10 Tips below:


  1. Have a timed scheduled for the AV setup – consult with your AV company to discuss how long they will take to get everything in place
  2. Ensure presentations are saved in the correct file format for display
  3. Ideally the set up and rehearsals should be completed one hour before the doors open to the public thus allowing for any last minute changes
  4. Have a running order with time allocated to each speaker or demonstration thus allowing them to prepare their speech/demonstration to match the timings
  5. Begin your event on time e.g. if your first speaker is supposed to be on at 9am the speaker begins at 9am not at 9:02!
  6. On the podium use a countdown timer to indicate time remaining which will allow the presenter to keep to their allotted time
  7. A second countdown timer on the stage will allow the presenter to move around the stage while still being able to read the display
  8. The presenter can bring his/her speech to a timely conclusion- this is the most crucial point
  9. When creating the running order of speakers remember to allow for changeovers and the essential tea break!
  10. Finally, an experienced technician is used to solving any problems that may arise, contact an EAV Technican today!


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